​The mass was nearing its end. I was seated at the side-since I was one of those who read some holy passages from the bible- with somebody my friends know but I don’t, and Nathan.
The priest was already blessing the churchgoers when Nathan elbowed me gently.
“What?” I said to him as I looked at him with pained and hopeful eyes. 
“Why?” he asked me back.


The Game

​      The male and female were separated- the boys in the east building while the girls were placed in the west. The game then started as their PE teacher blowed the whistle. 
      Tamsin was searching everywhere for her partner, Bob, who was at the other building. But she made sure to be very careful so as not to be spotted by her fellow classmates or else, Bob and her will be out of the game. 
      She checked every corner, room, and every floor. But she met the person she least likely wanted to meet. Her “past”.
      Nathan was shocked standing there at the end of the hallway while watching Tamsin stare at him with equally shocked eyes, somewhat hurt. “Hey there. Who’s your partner Tamsin?” Nathan asked with a slightly strangled voice.
      Tamsin was staring down at the floor but hearing those words made her look straight into the eyes of her true love. “Bob,” she replied. “You?” “Bobby,” he answered.
      They stayed there looking at each other, seemingly reminiscing about what they had. 
       “10 minutes left,” the speakers startled them, grtting them back to their senses. Finally, they walked to the direction opposite of each other’s.
       As they walked past each other, Nathan spoke, “Did you really love me?”
       “I did,” Tamsin stopped in her track and replied. “And I still do,” she added. Unfortunately. She said in her mind.

      It took them at least three seconds to look into each other’s pained eyes. A tear rolled down Tamsin’s left cheek which somehow concerned Nathan. He reached for her face and his thumb wiped it. His other hand followed and cupped her other cheek. He smiled at her but he knew he too was hurt deep inside.

      “Nathan?” a female voice was heard coming from the stairs. And another manly one from the elevator, “Tamsin?”
      The two had no choice but let go of each other. They should because more people would get hurt if they stay in each other’s arms. 
      It may be sad and painful, but it’s for the best.